Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wet :P

Today, as well as yesterday, it's warm out. That means everything is melting :O I went running, and it was all wet. I stepped in a puddle, thinking "psh, whatever, it's like two centimetres of water." THEN i stepped in a pothole which was artfully covered in water. and i went "rats!" and then i was wet up to my knee, but not on the top of my foot, because i splashed all the water out of the hole, and picked up my foot before it went under i guess.
THEN i got back, and i decided that because i don't have to wear my deep-winter jacket which is warm enough to stay alive by unzipping it, and tucking your legs, arms, and head in, then zipping it back up again, and sitting there, which could be on the top of Mt Everest, and waiting for someone to come along to pick you up and carry you like a large, warm rock into the nearest building. Anyways. I decided that it is officially slurpee season. So, me and alex, and the dog went to the nearest 7-11 (buffy swam most of the way) Then we got slurpees. The end.
I also watched this cool flash video. It involves a stick man fighting the flash interface

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART
Now, you folks watch that. i am off to eat somewhere...

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