Saturday, March 7, 2009

There and back again

DARN IT! I pressed enter again after typing the title. :(
Moving on. I returned from an extended vacation from the internet yesterday, and I can safely say i've missed it.
It was pretty cool though. The lake was all frozen over, so you could walk on it, and there were igloos on it too. Then it warmed up-ish, so everything got all foggy. Then i found a big stick. Then i walked out on to the ice and was alone. It was awesome. Everything was white! there were no shadows, no horizon, no noise, nothing! It made me think about dying, but in the good way. Like "whoa. I wonder if this is what happens once you die. that would be just freaking crazy. yeah..." But yeah, it was great. Nothing like absolute solitude and silence for the brain.
I liked the book too. it was Sense and Sensibility. As we talked about it, it sort of grew on me, like a callous. But then once it is almost all done growing, you get used to it, and dismiss it as a novelly useful part of your body. But seriously. I really did like it. More than Pride and Prejudice, which was okay i guess sorta.
Moving on. Aidan now has a "blog", but it's really more of a webcomic. It's moderately funny i guess, sorta. Tadaa!
Moving on. Today was the first day of provincials for speed skating. It was great. My crappy club skates are all but demolished from me going too fast for them to handle. My ankle was like breaking. BUT that means that i get to go get fitted for new skates TONIGHT!!! But yeah, it's actually the most painful thing ever. I could find out roughly the force on my ankle from skating on it, but it would probably make me sad. It's probably ALOT though. I could barely walk when i got off the ice after the 1500. And my ankle basically collapsed in the 1000 D: But aside from that, it was a pretty okay day. Some people from the Mint were there, and they were trading quarters with us for the new speed skating ones. I shall find a picture. Nahh too much work. You can just go on the Royal Canadian Mint site, and look at it for yourself. It's not even in circulation yet! I'm special! I have three of them. I got four, but i gave one to my friend Robyn because she forgot her old quarter at home, and i felt kinda bad for her :P
Moving on. I was really quite upset yesterday when we drove over the bridge, and i got a look at the river. ALL THE ICE IS ALL MELTY'D! :( That means no more happy fun running on the river anymore! I was looking forward to going running with my camera again, and taking pictures of the river! oh well. I will go tomorrow maybe if it is not dark out, and take pictures of Wellington Crescent again.