Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to the middle of nowhere

Tomorrow is the second SHAKESPEARE in the snow. Not "novel study" or "austen" or whatever smart-alec name you want to come up with. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Which basically means i take a three day exile from the internet, and physical activity to go read a book. Which is NOT OAKY. that's because i don't get to run in provincials for indoor track, which means that my dad will be all "hurr i am so disappointed in you." because i didn't race. :P Then on the weekend, i have provs for SPEED SKATING o_O. except it's in SELKIRK O_o. Which means it's quite a ways from home ._. That means ANOTHER two days from the interblag. How will i ever survive?!?
what i need is to launch a small sattelite into a geocentric orbit above Manisnowba, and then i just send an internet signal up to it, and BAM! LAN over mathematically half the globe (to some extent.) well it wouldn't REALLY be LAN everywhere... It would be like one common internet signal that could TECHNICALLY be recieved all the way up to a tangent drawn from the sattelite over manitoba to the surface of the Earth. If you could some how make the signal super-special-strong, then you'd have the same wireless internet for everywhere you went in...*checks Google earth* pretty much everywhere from somewhere around london to about japan. And then from like brazil (?) to around siberia and BECAUSE it's all wireless, the compy would sense it as a "local network", so as long as you have a clear view of that part of the sky, you could play whatever LAN game you felt like with your friends.
Just think! if somebody did that, they'd basically have made a private internet! for only the cost of Normal Internet, which isn't all that much. You could give your own TECH SUPPORT! :o
I switched the M and N keys in the compy lab the other day. It freaked out the grade 9s. At least one of them did not comprehend that the keys don't matter, it's the button underneath them. As in, the M and N keys still wrote M and N, but they were labelled N and M. Mr. Buskell got mad. But not really mad, more like amused in a bad way. To remove keys: take a pencil, and jab it underneath the key, and then wedge it out. Don't force it too much, and don't do it on a laptop, but they were made to be able to come out. Then you just press them where you want them with your thumb. They pop back in.
*DISCLAIMER* Only do this if you are sure you know what the hell you are doing, and can touch type pretty well perfectly, because it's weird to get used to. But in the end, it's quite worth it, because the next person comes and they look and they think "something... is awry." and then they start typing, and they're like "WTF?" "I'n tryimg to type, but the letters are wromg! TEACHER! NY KEYBOARD IS BROKEM!" Then you say "lol pwNt"

And yes, i fully intended to write 'oaky' up there, thank you very much.


K o w a o m o t e said...

Switching the keyboard keys was very awesome for you to do.
The class probably thought the world was turning upside down or something.

Good luck on your exile!
You will be missed, good internet fellow.

Anonymous said...

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