Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Second Day of Provs

I'm putting this part here now, because i really don't like the way things turn out when i blog angrily.
Basically, the second day of provincials was just the worst day ever. My dad woke up late, so we ended up getting to the arena late, and i didn't get to get new skates until AFTER warm up, so i used the crummy ones for warm up, i could hardly walk. Then i got my new skates molded, and i was like :D
Then, i was like :S, because Randy put the blades on with a bigger offset than the old ones had, so it felt funny. THEN i just had a bad start. nothing to blame here than me, such that i got stuck behind Ray. Ray is a pretty big guy, and trying to pass him is like putting a quarter on an upside down lawn mower, and then trying to grab it. No matter how good an idea it SEEMS, you are going to get slashed pretty good. So, basically i was trying to inside pass him after EACH corner, but the skates were weird, so i didn't stay as tight as i used to, so i almost ran into the whirly blades of slicey death. THEN Devon fell, and he was pretty far ahead of us by this time, and Ray went around him for whatever reason, and he ran himself into the mats, and started flailing around like even more of a maniac. Like someone trying to trim one of those little desktop bonsai trees with a scythe. HIS BLADE WAS THIS CLOSE TO MY FACE:
Apparently this also alarmed all the officials, along with Ray's effect on the ice. So instead of getting to skate our 3k on nice fresh smooth ice, we got moved to the very end. So, we had to skate 3k (27 laps) on basically the worst ice possible. It's definitely much worse than after a hockey game, because hockey skates can't gouge out massive chunks or anything. Speed skates are really slender, and are good at flicking little divots out of the ice. The ice was so bad... and because i'm just that light, i went *budda budda budda* over all the ruts and scratches in the ice, until my legs were actually asleep. The best way to pretend this is to bury yourself to the waist in cellphones, and put them all on vibrate, and then call them ALL. They also brought in this troglodytic rule where "if you get lapped twice, you have to forfeit the race." so basically, because Devon was so much faster than us to, it was like a game of keep-away, only you had to move to let the person you were trying to keep ahead of past. THEN at like lap 23, i fell, because my legs were all spasmy-outy and so i sat there and watch as devon caught up the remaining THIRD OF A LAP and passed me. IN SHORT, i had to drop out of my favourite distance, after it was basically ruined for me, all because of one punk kid who can't be bothered to learn how to skate in a courteous and not deadly manner!

Although, my ankle is much better now, due to the fact that it's no longer collapsing and i can walk without pain anymore. YAY! AND i passed my road test yesterday also. It was most exciting. Except that my mom took all the keys in to work with her today, so i couldn't drive to speed skating. >:( It would have been NICE TODAY TOO, because it is MINUS FREAKING FORTY. my face was "rimed" with frost when i walked into the changeroom.
Then i got home from being frozen again, and !!!! i wasn't locked out again! and even better! there was food waiting for me! this time they left the chicken fingers in the oven, so i didn't have to eat them cold. Noth that it really matters though, i don't believe in microwaving leftovers. I eat EVERYTHING cold. It builds character :)


Anonymous said...

...juz happen to see your blog & decided to comment.

I hope your ankles are much better now. I know how much it hard it is to walk with your ankle hurt.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

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