Wednesday, March 25, 2009


HOoray! It is snowing again!

And it has been for the past while, and it's not supposed to stop for another while! That means we get TWO WHILES OF SNOW! IN MARCH! It's the best news ever! Now i don't have to look at smelly dog poop melting all over the sidewalk when i go running! and just in time too, my dad was all "if you want to run the half marathon in a month and a half, then you best be steppin'." Basically he told me i should be getting in at least 10k a day, which isn't all THAT much, especially when i've only got a month. But now it's 10K in the SNOW! YAY!!


guitargirl said...

Ew. Poop ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't really like snow because itz too cold and cold weather makes me lazy.(as if...I wasn't lazy enough)
But then again, snow does cover dog poop. (Why didn't I ever realise that?)

guitargirl said...

*shakes in rage* Okay, I won't kill you :P But on the question it says "So if I put my playlist up and it's not on "AutoPlay" will you use it?"
So you would actually have a choice of when you turned it's not like it would turn on all by itself as soon as you come on my blog and scare the living daylights out of you (Yeah, it's happened to me too ;))

Anyways, it snowed here too. And I was so looking forward to spring :( *Mopes*

While I'm here an already off the subject...have you ever been on before? I remember you saying that you wanted to learn some guitar a while ago. You can search by band or song names. You have to download the software, but just look for "Power tabs" and it will include the number of fret and string an whatnot along with your sheet music :-D Tab is MUCH easier to read than just regular sheet music is (And more and more people are using it :)) so yeah, I hope this helps :)

*End novel of a comment*

Anonymous said...

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