Thursday, March 12, 2009

Insert Obscure Hitchhiker's reference here

Today would be the second day this week that i have had no school in the afternoon. YAY! except by 2:00 i've run out of things to do by myself (internet or no), and i am bored for another three hours until i go to speed skating. I need to make friends with people in... *checks a map*... England. Then it would be like the middle of the evening, so they'd be done dinner and homework and be just getting on MSN and they'd be all "eyyyy, Paul!" and i would be all "eyyyy, !" and much shenanigans would be had...
I suppose i could just go and get a full version of IRC, talk to whoever is on in the world. It would be great. It would be like... Paul and his IRC buddies on another wacky adventure!
Or i should go find a cape and a mask and then fight crime... I would be "El ?" and have unventures, which would be put into hardcover comic books. (it is pronounced "ell kwest-shunn marck" for those of you who are wondering.)
That would be sweet. Alternatively, i could do some mad core exercises for three hours, and then have like a 30-pack, and be able to run a half marathon in 57 minutes (which is really fast for those of you wondering.) OR i could maybe get a job and contribute to society!!!! Hooray!!!
Or you know... not.

I was looking at all the other people who put "Winterpeg, Manisnowba" on their profiles. I know at least one of them, but it made me sad, because all of them do not blog anymore... I wonder how many blogs are just dead, because nobody cared enough to say goodbye to them and deleted them. I'm also a little sad that someone has selfishly taken the name "" and only has a place holder page there. If you had a sweet name like that, you should at least TRY to write something worthy of it... I like the sites that use the doman as part of the name. Like "" They make me smile. Like one of the IRC channels i frequent, :P
But it's actually really sad that everyone is gone from the internet who is also in Winterpeg. What if there was a massive zombie outbreak, and i was the only one left? would it be the same feeling? What if i had to light my friend's undead corpse on fire?!?! That would definitely give me a series of psychological problems. Good thing i know how to survive zombies, at least temporarily. Run upstairs, and destroy the stairs behind you. They can't figure out fine motor skills like jumping, or grabbing ledges, so you're fine as long as you make sure there are not any nice ramps or staircases for them to get up. Though if there are enough of them, they'll pile up and make a zombie staircase in their insatiable urge to tear your delicious flesh from your bones!Good thing my basement stairs are situated underneath the other stairs, so they'll have to fill up the entire basement first :D

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