Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Note to self


Aw crap. I wrote this the other day and now i forget what my idea is....
This happens all the time you know. Actually only about half of my blog posts make it to the "published" part. I bet you that it was a really great idea too! It could have cured.... the whales. yes. see?! i could have cured the whales if only i wrote more on my note!
But at least i remembered the picture!
And it occurred to me. Puss in Boots is like the first LOLcat. He's wearing BOOTS first of all. Then he also can talk, and he is quite hilarious. Not the Shrek Puss, like the ACTUAL storybook Puss. Yeah. He's a trooper. Someone should make a LOLspeak version of Puss in Boots.

Once tiem Miller has three sunz. He says "oh hai, you can has mai stuff doodz." and teh first son said "i can has mill?" Teh second son says "i can has donkeh?" then ther wuz nothing left for liddle sun, except kitteh. Kitteh said "i can has shooz?" nd kid said "k".

So teh cat got teh shooz, and then kid n cat say 'kthxbai' and kitteh says 'wiat here, i go catch rabbits'.
Teh kitteh catched the bunnehs an he gived them to teh king. He says "i has bunneh. you can has bunneh. is gift." den the king was all "lol srsly?" and kitteh said 'lol ya. is from mar-kee of carabis."
Den kitteh went into fields and said "dis mine now k?" and pesents say 'lol k, but der is oger n he'll be madd.'
Kitteh said "lol, dun wurry."
Kitteh said to oger "i'm in ur base, killin' ur doods lol" oger died.
kid says "lol thx kitteh. you sav'd da dai!"
Teh end.


guitargirl said...

Hehe. I like ;) Thanx for the birthday wishes!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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