Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's over?

Well, Friday was the Hand In Your Extended Essay, Little IB Nerds Day. That means that that particular nightmare is over, and i get to go back to the rest of the internet. I would just like to say that i am kinda proud of my essay :/ Not overly proud, because i did it last week, but still, pretty proud. It was on Artificial Intelligence, and i learned a lot about it. Lots of interesting things going on in computers these days... It seems weird to me, but the whole Deep Blue thing is actually over a decade old! Deep Blue was a supercomputer that challenged Garry Kasparov to a chess match in 1997. It then beat him. Which was quite exciting. Then i went and learned about CAPTCHAs and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the internet, and everything. I think extended essays should happen more often. And not for Marks.

Moving on. Now, the current nightmare is Relativity, which is just not easy to wrap your mind around. It's got all sorts of little holes in it, and sharp edges which poke your mind, and give you a headache. Except it's not a headache, but you just feel like your overheating, and you need a good long run or something. That's what i'd like to do. Instead of having Phys Ed in school, they should just give kids an hour, and tell them that there is a trail with money on it, and the further they get, the more money they get. MOST FIT SCHOOL EVER.

Now, off to bed with me, because i have to drive all the way to Brandon in teh m0rn.

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