Saturday, October 17, 2009

Headlong into... something.

It's been *like* two weeks since i last posted. I've been busy. Last night, i got to see Blue Man Group! Well, not REALLY. I was working at a concession stand at the arena, where they happened to be playing. But we closed up after the opening act and then i just watched the rest. I missed the opener and the first 20 minutes-ish of the actual concert. BUT IT WAS SO COOL. They had all sorts of things that they were making music with... these pipes that they were hitting, and a piano with the top taken off. There is a pretty unique sound of a piano being hit by a sledgehammer. They also hit a bass drum with a sledgehammer. the drum was mounted on this big stand, and it was sort of springy so it didn't totally annihilate the drum.
Today there was cross country provincials. I ran 40:50 for 10k, which is decent for me, but i was last place :/ It was a decent race though, it was really cold and windy, and there were lots of hills.
Midterms are coming up too. My first one is economics, this coming Friday. Then i have Linear Algebra on the following Monday, and finally Calculus and Programming Practices on Thursday. There is no midterm exam for Linguistics, which is really nice, because it's one less thing i need to worry about.
Tomorrow is my parents' anniversary but we had the party tonight. It was a nice party. there was Chinese food and more food.
Also, I've taken to playing video games in the CSSA lounge, specifically Castle Crashers. It's an awesome game.

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