Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day! That means that it's just like every other day in Canada, except people don't go to work. And there are fireworks :P But other than that, not much goes on around this place :/ It's not like 4th of July in the States, where they have fancy parades and play all manner of patriotic tunes, finishing the day by shooting a bomb into a comet very far away from Earth. (That was actually really cool. It was called Operation Deep Impact if i'm not mistaken)
Today is also Aidan's birthday! link. Today, since nothing is open, basically all i can do is chill, apply for university courses, and finish digging a trench through my yard. We are putting a walk from the deck to the garage, so we need a four-inch deep trench dug where the walk will go. I did that for most of yesterday afternoon, and while i was digging, i found a fork and a brick. Both of them are pretty interesting, the fork is metal, about the size of a big apple, and it has no handle and three prongs. The brick is a brick. It was buried two inches under the ground in the middle of our yard. Why? who knows.


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