Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life as an Only Child

This weekend, all three of my "beloved" siblings left the city to go camping and stay at other people's cabins. That meant that i spent the weekend with just my parents. It was pretty fun. We ate at nice restaurants, where they didn't serve plain old food, like burgers, pasta and steaks. Yesterday we got to eat at a Thai restaurant, it was really good. Today we ate at a Bar and Grill, and it was nice too. The people there were really friendly, and i knew one of them! She was my friend in ~Grade 1, all the way up till now, so it was kinda neat.
Today i took a tree out of my grandma's yard. We had to get it out because it was blighted or something and whatever it had was going to spread to the big apple tree and kill it. The guy who works at an orchard looked at it and said they should take out the tree and also all the soil around it and burn the tree and not plant anything in it for 10 years, but that seemed a little extreme. So now we have a garbage bag full of dead apple tree that will infect any fruit trees/soil it hangs around with for too long with an incurable plague. Who's up for some bio-warfare???
Also, my aunt sort of gave me her old laptop!!! She said i can treat it like it's mine, but i should be careful about virii, because all her stuff on it is all out of date and stuff. Also that should she ever want it back, i'll have to give it up, but she has a really nice new one, and all the stuff on it is on that too, so she won't want it back. It's decent, relatively. It's about the same as "my" desktop performance wise, but it has a better graphics chipset! which means i can play TEAM FORTRESS 2. Except that our wireless internet haet laptops. I tried to play it yesterday, and it was so laggy it almost crashed.
I've also planned (like 80% planned) my trip!!! I'm going to take the train out to the East Coast, stay there a week, and then take the train allll the way back to the West Coast, and stay there for a week or so too. Then i'm going to go back home. It'll be AWESOME. If anyone lives in Toronto or Montreal, let me know, so i can drop by and take a shower at your place or something... The train ride is two and a half days to Toronto, a couple hours to Montreal, and then another day and a half to Halifax. And it's four days from Toronto to Vancouver. There's still some parts of the trip that i haven't worked out; I want to stay either in Toronto, or in Kamloops for a day or two, but i'm not sure which, or both could even be possible. ideas?
Also, i installed a scanner/printer! Now there are TWO printers attached to ONE computer! Whee! and a scanner! so now i can scan stuff and send it to people! Stay tuned for some hand-written blog action.
I think it's prime time for some Paul Awards tonight... Unlike normal, i haven't planned any, so it'll be interesting.
(Side note: I got an award from my school with my report card. It says "Award of Excellence". I'm not sure what to make of this, it doesn't say any subject in particular, just the school, my name, and Award of Excellence. Is it just an award they gave me because i am excellent?? I'm also trying to decide whether it would be good to put it on my resume... Either way, it's a pretty nice award. It's a black plaque, with silver writing. It looks like the sort of thing you hang on your wall next to your diploma and Ph.D...)
First off, i will award one Thumbs Up of Magnificence each to both Maegwin and Laura. Thank you SO MUCH for rescuing me from my parents! They were going to put me through more manual labour!
Secondly, i award the coveted Noob Award to Aidan, for starting Warcraft 3. We look forward to your first hilariously embarrassing defeat on
Thirdly i award the Medal of Ridiculosity to Andrew, for being outrageous.
The Outstanding Class Trophy goes to Alexander, for putting on Dr. Dre while his stepdad was right there yelling at him for having music with less than sophisticated vocabulary.
Finally, i give the Certificate of Win to whoever that Anon on 4chan started the "... just like wikipedia told me to" meme. It's funnier if you actually know the whole story, but that story is not appropriate for you chumps!
my reaction face was like
8 /
That's basically it for now... It's like midnight and i apparently have to go move boxes tomorrow morning as part of this whole "only child" deal.

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