Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can't stop the Lulz

I finally watched all of fight club. I've seen the beginning of it like four times, and only ever up to half way through it until yesterday. I never realised just how much /b/ took from that movie until the end of it. It's quite a lot actually. /b/tards; if you haven't seen that movie, I would.
I also went paint balling two days ago, with Alexander, Alex, and Alastair. It was fun. I got shot right in the face. RIGHT IN THE EYE. Also, it was right after the referee just kind of wandered off, so i had to play the next two games like this -_o
But it was still fun. I hit Alex in the side of the head, and also in the knee. And i hit Alexander just above the mask, so he had a big streak of paint through his hair. ROFL.
IBO marks also came out Monday. It was pretty exciting, i was up really early that morning, and then i went downstairs and waited until 7:15 when they released the marks. I DIDN'T FAIL! Woo! Also, i can receive a university credit for most if not all of my courses, meaning that i don't have to take a good chunk of the BS courses they want me to pay to take in my first year! Splendid! Also, I've figured out their infernal contraption of a registering program. Registration opens in a week. AND i finally found the form that i was looking for for the past month-ish. It's a really ridiculous path. They gave us a whole bunch of resources, Start Book, Course Calendar, 2 websites, and a part of another website, as well as numerous acceptance letters and ledgers and scraps of detritus with useful information for us to keep. I've followed a trail around ALL of these things, and there is no way to actually GET to the advance credit thing, or whatever they call it in ANY of these. just a small section in each of them that points you to the next one, so you eventually go in a big circle through a million different pages. I got out of the loop by finding an "orphaned site" in the U of M website via a document from the teacher's section of the site. (orphaned sites are sites that have no links to them. That ouverture-facile game is a series of them, where you have to figure out the next link. I was in no mood for their shenanigans or dilly-dallying.)
So, now i have a paper to get me some credits, am expecting a $1800 scholarship because i'm smart (i got 29 points total, all you keeners out there.) and i STILL do not have a job! My old boss said she'd LOVE to have me back because i'm such a good worker apparently, but she can't hire anymore people, so she's stuck with the kids who are working there now, who apparently are dumb as sacks of hammers, except they can't do stuff that hammers can. Like operate tills apparently.
Video Games Live is tomorrow. My mom said she would give me tickets to go, she went with a workshop she attended yesterday, and it was apparently "really neat". I'm KIND of excited, but everytime i go to something like this, i'm reminded of why i don't chat much in MMOs. I'd like to thank the lulz for that.

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