Saturday, December 26, 2009

Required Post-Christmas Post

Christmas is sort of over for now... Unless you count the whole "christmas season" to also include up to Epiphany, but i don't.
I got some cool stuff for Christmas! I got Mario Kart and Wii Sports Resort, and some nice clothing, and books and lego and a crazy Rubik's Cube thing... It's called Rubik's 360, and it's WEIRD.
But not really as hard as a Rubik's Cube is, which is handy. The "trick" is a little difficult to grasp, but if you've taken linear algebra, it's logical and easy. :D
We also got Rockband 2 for christmas! And several other video games for the Wii; Alex got Madden '10 for his Xbox.
We debated going to Best Buy and getting in on all those sweet deals, but decided it wasn't worth it. It's snowing and windy out. It's been snowing since Wednesday night, and i've had to shovel ~4 cm of snow of the walks like FOUR TIMES in the past two days. I'm about to head out and do it again...


guitargirl said...

I'm a rebel, I'm not going to make a post-Christmas post this year unless I get bored. I'm crazy...I know. ;P

Happeh new year!!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

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