Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Note to self: Remember to make clever post title

I finished my exams! Whee! Now i have so much free time!
Well, actually i was done on monday afternoon. There was a mistake in the exam schedule, and i didn't check my school email during exam week, so it wasn't until monday afternoon, at about 2, when i found out i had an exam at 3. I managed to get there in time though, which was good. Monday night and Tuesday were spent at my friend's house, playing video games.
Things to do over the break though: Running, Skating, Video Games, Hopefully an animation in flash or something. i wanted to do it last month, but i was busy with exams :S
Also: I have to buy something for my sister, but the only thing she's asked for is a pair of gloves, that are sold out EVERYWHERE (They are Olympic Gloves, really nice, hard to find.)
but for now, nothing to do for a little while...

So that's where they come from...