Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today ranks pretty high on the list of days that i really wish i was invisible. I'm exhausted, and still half-frozen from the two day speed skating camp which ended today, but i still have to stay conscious for another while until all these people decide that they have had enough of the party and leave. I'm not even sure which party this is, it's not any one's birthday, not a holiday, and really nothing important that i can think of. It's not an anniversary, nobody just got here (from elsewhere in the world) or is leaving. Also, i didn't have a chance to shower since this morning, so I'm pretty sure i smell like a mixture of ice, sweat, and deodorant. Blecky. At least i don't smell like feet. But that's not the only reason i want to disappear. In the middle of said party (read: 5 minutes ago), my supervisor at work phoned and told me that "my term with HBC has expired" and that i should seek a new line of employment.
*Spoiler alert* This turns into a rant about Transformers, so i'd go watch the
movie before reading too much more

Speaking of other things that are comically crappy happening to me, yesterday, my mom told me that she would rather watch a movie than pick me up from speed skating, so i would have to make my own way home from The Oval. I got a ride with my friend, but my mom failed to tell me that i would need my key. Why she would think i had my key? i don't know. I always tell her "most people don't bring important pieces of identification, or other valuables to places where they leave their stuff in a room that is unlocked and free to go in and leave for the whole day" WHICH IS TRUE. i don't know about you folk, but i like to keep my stuff in the "not stolen" category. SO, i was locked out of the house, and the garage was locked, so i had to sit in my backyard, in the -30 freezing cold for an hour and a half until my dad came home and let me in. Then my mom came home another hour later, at 6 and told me "come on, let's go to a party at your cousins! it'll be FUN!!!" to which i replied "Hell no." Then i got dragged to my cousins for, and i quote: "only about an hour or so". This turned out to be two hours, and then my parents decided to go pick up my cousin who was done work at 9:30. But, they got to the mall, and found out he was ACTUALLY working till 10, and also closing the store. Meanwhile, i was trying to lie down and pass out at my cousin's in peace, when everyone was making tons of noise. Then they decided to wake me up so we could watch Transformers. Fun!!! Then, at 11:30, my parents showed up and said "okay, time to go!" So, it looks like i am going to be going to bed well after midnight every night this winter break. Which, is NOT good. I like to go to bed really early, and wake up disproportionately early. (read: 10-11, and up at around 5:30-6:30, 7 at the latest.)
I have several beef with the movie by the way! If the transformers learned to speak English from the "World Wide Web", why did only ONE have a ridiculous accent, and why didn't any of them speak leet? If I learned to speak English from the Internet, i would FOR SURE have a much awesomer way of speaking. By using words like "awesomer" for starters. AND, why didn't Optimus Prime use that kickass-sword-firey-death-thing when he fought Megatron?! FURTHERMORE, why did Shia La-whatever-his-name-is bother saving Megan Fox? Especially after she was all bitchy to him in the first most of the movie. i would have let Starscream or Bonemuncher or Crazydeath kill her straight away! and how could a couple of computer-y type people dodge those little ninja stars things when all the security guards couldn't? the transformers movie is made of LIES and FAIL. and also some pretty cool toys. i'll have to admit. There IS more than meets the eye, but most of that stuff is hidden away for a reason. kind of like why really really fat people wear baggy clothes.

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