Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back from the christmas

Christmas was an ordeal. there was quite literally A SHIZZNESS of people in my house. for those of you who don't know, that is like a thirty-very.9 on a scale from one to crowded. Also, i didn't get anything really fun that i can play with, besides stuff for my guitar. But that's kind of tricky, because nobody ever taught me how to read guitar music. I can play a tab, and chords fine, but i can't read the actual NOTES, which is sad, because my sister got me a book of beatles music. Then i got clothes, but half of them i can't wear, because they're actually ATHLETIC clothing, which means you wear them while you are going and getting all sweaty so that you don't get AS sweaty. Then i got two hoodies, but i didn't get to wear them really yet, because i had to go to stupid work for the last two days, ALL DAY D: THEN i got an assortment of Wii games, but there is always some other moron on the yes. I just had an epic reset right there. But TV is the word i want. So yeah, i'm sitting here with a crapload of sweet stuff, but not being able to play with it. *scowls* My christmas day/evening/whatever time of day it was is comme ca: First, i woke up at 6:30, because i had my watch on for the first time in a week, and i normally sleep through the alarm on it, but i'd gotten used to not having it on my wrist. then i went back to sleep. Then at 7, i was woken up by my brother, and two sisters, and cousin, who were thumping around the house like a herd of idiot kids. then i rolled over and looked for my stocking, which should have been pretty much sticking in my face like the previous christMASes. THEN at 8:30, my mom said "paul, it's time to get up now, we want to open presents!" Then i was like "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and i said "fine." Then i said " Turn on the light, i wanna look in my stocking first! and she said "okay" i looked down, and there was NO STOCKING! D: i sat up a bit, and looked at my dresser, and at the foot of the ladder, but it wasn't there! i was like \ \ this close to crying! and then my mom was all 'ohhh, maybe 'santa' didn't find it because your room is such a mess!' but THAT wasn't it, because i cleaned it up so that i'd have stocking stuff in the morning!! then she saw i was LIKE CRYING, and she was like 'maybe charlie is hiding it?' because charlie (the cat) was sitting on it, at the foot of my bed. I was quite happy about that. It's really distressing, when you can't find your stocking, on the last christmas of your childhood ever, and you were up till like three in the morning, making mushroom turnovers (i made mushroom turnovers, they were awesome). DON'T YOU JUDGE ME. grr. Then we opened presents, it was pretty cool. i had cookies and hot chocolate for breakfast.
In my stocking i got some cool stuff too, i got a rubik's cube, but it's called a "SUDO-CUBE" which, if you didn't immediately get, means that you have the numbers 1-9 on each face. I'm scared to mix it up, because it seems much more confusing than an ordinary cube. I also got a headband, giftcards for movies and subway, and a comb, and a lot of white hot chocolate. That's good, because i've been complaining since like a while ago because we never have any hot chocolate in our house, let alone the white kind. But actually, i like white hot chocolate better. I like brown hot chocolate and black tea, and any other ethnic drinks that you can name. Colours aren't races, jerks. If i was white, and someone called me white, i'd be like "i'm CANADIAN fool!" But, as it is, i am not white, and i am canadian all the same.
At least i don't have to work until next saturday... AND i have a speed skating camp on monday and tuesday! this is HUGE. it means that i don't have to put up with my extended family AT ALL for two days! Speaking of extended families.... My aunt decided that $100 canadian in euros is now worth something more like $250 CAN, so she made a big point about not getting me a present. At least she compensated for this by telling me at every chance i got that i should not expect a present.
Life today came with extra weak sauce, because my dad didn't drive me to work, because my silly (read moronic) aunt didn't plug the car in last night, after driving around until three in the morning, and he decided to wait until five minutes before i started working to tell me that i'd have to walk. THEN i had to work, whilst mon ENTIER FAMILLE, ont barrels of fun and laughs playing laser tag while i had to work. THEN i had to stand there and work, when my supervisor told me that there is a strong possibility that i would have to seek new employment elsewhere. THEN i had to walk in the frozeycold back home, because everyone else was too busy having supper at a nice restaurant to come and get me. THEN i got yelled at for letting the girls and alex watch a movie that wasn't REALLY appropriate for children while i was working. Explanation: I was working until 6:30, and at around 6:00, my IDIOT B(R)OTHER started "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Then, i walked in the door at 7:05, half frozen, and all the way hungry and like 87 percent tired. Then, my mom phoned, and gave me a hard time about being on the compy, because i wasn't watching the movie, so WHERE ELSE would i be? then she yelled at me for letting them watch the movie, which was like half done, and i found out there was no pizza left because stupid alex had to go and eat it all so i wouldn't have supper. THEN i can't play guitar hero aerosmith awesome super fun edition 5 or whatever the hell it's called, because alex decided that he wants to play Wii Fit by himself. SO i'm stuck ranting on the internet, still cold tired and hungry.
Speaking of which, would anyone like to donate some money to the "let's start Paul playing WoW again?" i am in dire need of some MMORPG-y goodness.
Speaking of which, Maegwin and Laura, and whoever else feels charitable: SAVE ME. Come and kidnap me, so i don't have to put up with my family anymore! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE.....
I need a new picture for my blogging profile. But it's too hard to get a good picture of Tyya (the cat who i currently have a picture of on here), and i already have Charlie (the other one, who is the MSN one. You can add me if you haven't already, it's, and i really can't stand buffy or daisy, so they don't get to be on the inter-blogotubes. And all my fish are dead, so i can't really take a picture of them. Decisions, decisions.

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