Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finger Puppets!

If anyone can teach me how to make finger puppets, go for it. maegwin is being dumb and not making me any. It's not like i am going to make them into voodoo dolls or anything! that would be stupid. that would result in me having needles stuck in my fingers. Which is bad.
Also, while i am on the subject, I need a webcam, and lots of no questions. It will be most glorious and amazing. Windows Movie Maker or something like that would be handy too. i have 6:45 of prairies that has no sound whatsoever. I'm also debating whether or not to put some subliminal porn in it. Maybe i'll just say there is and wait for some chump to say 'hayyy, thar b noo pr0n hear!' Then i will be like AHAHAHAHA n00b! that is some extreme rick-rollage! it will be VERY internet worthy, and VERY hilarious.
But actually, somebody make me finger puppets. i will actually love you forever. If anyone does make me them, i would definitly play with them every day. More than video games. And eventually, there will be more than eight puppets onstage at once and everyone will be like WTF? and i'll be like 'that one's not a FINGER puppet!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!' and everyone will be like 'ewwwwwww' and then i'll be all 'jeeze, i'm just using my toes as fingers. relax. morons.'
And now for a story of sadness and tears and crazy awesome. To keep the madness monkeys at bay, we'll go in alphabetic order.
Crazy awesome- Rise Against is coming here Friday (tomorrow) as part of their Appeal to Reason tour. Disturbed is coming here Saturday. I have enough money to go to one or both of these, and probably buy myself a t-shirt should i so desire. Also, the MTS centre isn't that far, i could probably convince someone to drive me, or just take one bus there.
Sadness- I have to work Friday and Saturday evening.
Tears- I have to work Friday and Saturday evening and there is nothing i can do about it. Also i have no finger puppets to display my true emotions with...

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