Sunday, November 23, 2008

to prove a point

Normally, this goes against my moral and ethical beliefs, but how else am i going to prove it?!
As you can see, i DO in fact, own a pair of Wii boxers, and i AM in fact, wearing them.
For those of you with any respect for me, You're nice! I like you!
For the rest of you. You probably should have seen this coming. I mean, You WERE warned! As an explanation... i was bored! That's all you ever need know.
Except for that these are my favourite boxers ever, unless i have to go for a run in them. Then they are like the worst ever.
While we are on the subject of my clothing... Actually never mind. I thought i had something to say, but i didn't really. move along, nothing to see here!
When you wrap yourself up with a big blanket, do you ever get the urge to just lie on the floor and fall asleep? I do. I was walking around in a blanket, and then i just decided to lie down for a while. My cat decided that it would be fun, so we had an impromptu sleep party on the ground. Hooray for sleep parties!


K o w a o m o t e said...

Nice pants.
I hate the trademark sign on logos. They ruin the logo's beauty.

Paul said...

i know! especially the Wii logo, because the whole point of its style is that it's all simple and nice.

Andrew said...

:( I did not want to see that

Anonymous said...

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