Saturday, November 15, 2008


We've had snow here for around a week, and I'm pretty sure I've already got frostbite on my ears. AGAIN. They're in a perennial state of feeling kind of painful and looking a little bit red. They also hurt now and again. I should go find my head band or something. Later.
I also am pretty sure i got frostbite, but on my brain. And not from the cold. This would be because i had to stand around in Zellers for 8 hours listening to happy-fun Christmas carols the whole time. Except for the three to four minutes when they played the Simple Plan "Christmas carol". That's almost as bad. I was muttering "Caramelldansen" from like hour four. AND i get to go back again tomorrow! YAYYYY! Only this time, I'll be tired and probably a bit sore from being at the first speed skating meet all morning =D. Speed skating is the greatest. It's pretty much turning left, going fast, and racing other people all rolled into one! Also when you fall you're all "oh crap." then you hit the wall going 30km/h, and it's all "WHUMPH!" and everyone in the whole fieldhouse can hear it because it's way too loud for it's own good. Then all the people in the stands are all "ahhh!" and there is an aghast silence until you get up and kind of shake yourself off, and then go slowly. Maybe I'll take my camera and take pictures while I'm there. Then you can see the happy-funness of it all.
Now i'm off to bed. because there isn't much left in my brain after the aforementioned torture that it was put through. It feels like you played WoW all day, then did handstands for like an hour, and then you sat there eating pretzels while some jerks ran around screaming, and hitting each other with your stuff, and yelling "RAPE" and trying to anally penetrate each other with assorted household objects. And then they found the pots and pans...
In fact, that is EXACTLY what it feels like. Don't ask me to relive the circumstances of said trauma, but it was pretty loud, and traumatic. And it'll mess you up good for like a day or two at the least.