Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mental Images = End in BAD

So, pretty much the last couple days are the worst ever. Especially because my mind decided to stop thinking in like words, so I'm having an internal dialog, but instead decided that it would be more productive if i started thinking more along the lines of happy-fun pictures. Brain pictures are not happy fun. NOT PRETTY, NOO!
Right now i'm stuck with particularily pleasing ones. and by pleasing i of course mean "traumatic" and by particularily i clearly mean "not okay" by "ones" i also of course mean that my brain is a little to fast for it's own good. If anyone finds a Ctrl+Alt+Delete for the brain, let me know. Or if you happen to have any steak knives lying around.
This is an amazing blog by the way. If this seems out of character, that's because the Idiot just kind of walked in and wrote stuff while i was gone. Rather than delete it, or expose you to the horrors of his idiocy, i just kind of edit it. You would ALL be laughing quite a lot if you read the stuff he managed to delete. "I have a two inch penis, blah blah blah, feel sorry for me etc." becomes "I have a twelve metre penis, la la la, i pity you. etc." As you can see, neither of these stories is true, because twelve metres is kind of far. Most people can't jump that high, so it makes "bed time" a little awkward... Have fun with those mental images.
Or try to get away from them like fat kids try to get to cake at a party. Clawing through children, biting adults in the bathing suit area, and generally doing things that are uncalled for and considered "impolite" in public. Except you're a fat kid, IN SPANDEX.
Enough images for now though. i could tell you stories that would straighten your hair and dye it black. They would also make you think that life sucks, even though most of you have nothing to be sad over. The others, you know who you are. BE ASHAMED.
For one last mental image. trying to think of these things is like when you're working at a till in Zellers and a really fat lady comes up and buys a whole bunch of lingerie. Or a hairy bum. It's very unpleasant, and once you see it, NOTHING is the same.
For those of you who don't go outside, for fear of the Machines/Zombies/Sun, it snowed here. Then it froze. Then it became ice, which i spent BLOODY AGES scraping off of my sidewalk.
Now that's all i have for you. Go look at something hideous on the internet and think about it for the rest of the day. I'm sure most of you are creative, but for those who aren't here are some suggestions. Tub Girl, 2 girls one cup, goatse. Google images it.


K o w a o m o t e said...

I liked this entry.
By the way, you forgot the "BME Olympics" and "Church of Fudge" for the nasty images.
Ugh. Yuck!

(sorry if this was random)

Paul said...

aw sweet! somebody other than the people who are merely apathetic to me like my writings!

I suppose that it's not quite AS safe to just kind of leave slanderous things lying around the comment bins now.

K o w a o m o t e said...

Heh, heh!
Well, I really don't know how i found your blog.
I guess I was just wondering around this place and then-
-I came here.
Thanks for the tagboard comment.
the tagboard is from
Really cool. :)
Thanks for checking out my blog, too.

Paul said...

This is the greatest! Finally, SOMEBODY reads the comments beside me. I was about to start putting really slanderous stuff in here because nobody reads them except for me. I'll probably do it anyways, but it's nice to know that my random comments aren't falling on disconnected compys.

Anonymous said...

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