Sunday, November 16, 2008


Speed skating meet today. Then work. Then blogging. Then death.

Let's work in reverse alphabetical order shall we?


It was pretty uneventful today, just a four hour shift. The only redeeming things is that the christmas carols seemed to be broken today, and Fred Penner came and bought a dog leash! I thought i recognized him right when he was in the line, and then he handed me his card, and it said "fred penner" on it. And nobody had like three fistfuls of expired coupons for stuff they didn't actually buy.

Speed Skating.

So, i was going at like 35 km/h, and i hit my blades together. I flew like three metres, and then hit the boards, and stabbed myself in the leg. Then i fell in the Final too, and slid along the water.


So, this is the end i guess. I've given marginal thought to what happens next. I'd like there to be maybe a second life, or a 1-up system, but a zombie sounds cool too

Enough of that. This is like a week later, and i have bored of whatever i was writing there, I like stuff again. Except for that smug little video card. He thinks he is safe inside the computer. WELL I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU BUDDY. you aren't. As soon as i find where my mom hid the wrench and powertools, IT IS ON. And then we'll get a nice one, and play Laft 4 Dead! Hooray for zombies! While we're on the subject, I never really thought about how much i love pretzels. They're like nature's own snacks of goodness! Especially the straight kind, that haven't been twisted, because you can grab a big handful, and they all line up so you don't throw half of them on the floor.
If anyone feels in a charitable mood, look at the ads at the bottom and tell me if they are cool. I'm not allowed to click them, and i'm not even supposed to be telling you about them. It's against the rules, but for every click i get, i get a little bit of money, and when it reaches $100, i get a check in the mail! YAYY!
Ok, i'm done for now. Go find someone else's blog to read. There is a bag of pretzels who are calling my name.