Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas again

Here is a nice list of things i got, for archival purposes. Don't read it or anything mmmkay? I might add smartass remarks later, but i just want to see what i got, and write it here so i don't forget.

1 box of lego, guitar stand, Fender guitar picks: blue and thin(EXACTLY what i asked for! thanks julia!), a handy book of beatles music, two hoodies, pyjamas with polar bears on them, nice sweater so i don't wear a t-shirt to formal occasions anymore, t-shirt (which will most likely be worn to a formal occasion), Wii Music, assorted money: various currencies, Family Guy Calendar (it was bad enough having to remember to change a MONTHLY calendar this year, how am i going to remember EVERY DAY?!), Long underwear, tights(RUNNING, not ballet. smartasses.), speed skates(which are extremely awesome and all that. i used them christmas eve, at 7:30 in the morning), watch strap, Assorted fantasy books(looking forward to reading all of them :D), ear covery type things(which consists of a head band and ear muffs), milky way bars (:D), Guitar hero Aerosmith, and i'm sure i've forgotten something, but all my stuff is strewn about my room in a festive manner. As with before festivity IS key.


K o w a o m o t e said...

Nice emphasis!
Merry Christmas, even though that already happened two days ago...
Oh, and Happy New Year!

Paul said...

christMAS was two days ago?! Goodness gracious, i didn't actually realise! like REALLY! i was at work for all of my waking hours yesterday (not counting the four at the very beginning of the morning)

But yes, Happy New Year, to all who StumbleUpon here. And the rest of you too, who just end up here by luck

guitargirl said...

Hey! Thank you fer visiting my blog ;) Hehe. How about this; Bunsen Burner day is my second favorite holiday...third would have to be national bubble wrap appreciation day ;P LOL!
And Happy New Year right back atcha!

Anonymous said...

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