Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Into the Abyss...

Well, it looks like this is going to be my last post until several whiles later. I'm leaving in 10 hours for Delta Marsh, for Shakespeare in the Snow.
For those of you who don't know: I actually REALLY REALLY LIKE Shakespeare. Not sure why, but i just DO. I like everything that has a moderately interesting story.
Got back from the Awards night like an hour or two ago. It was quite interesting. The Jazz band this year is TERRIBLE. it's full of self-absorbed grade 11's who are convinced that they are the shizzness of the world. That and a bunch of grade 12's who give -3 damns out of 17.
Have you guys been writing "" in creative and hilarious places? you should. If you do and take a picture, i'll give you 500 bonus points, and a 1-up. think about it... FREE points! all you have to do is commit an extremely minor crime. it's not even a crime. write it nicely and then say it's art.
On a completely related topic, does anyone think i am depressed? because i get the feeling that people think i am. always fawning over me and stuff. And THEN i saw this little ad that said i could make MONEY from my blog. So i clicked on it, and it decided to add some related to ads to my blog. Then i moved it around because i didn't want it to be right on top of my blog. Then i looked at the ads... "Make MONEY off of your blog..." "Blog Tools and gadgets" "Depressed? there is help..." wait... DEPRESSED?! You know you are doing SOMETHING strange with your life when you can fool even the Google that you are depressed. To reiterate: I'm not Depressed. There is NO help. I like to consider myself Misanthropic. And it's YOUR guys' fault! (looking at YOU Bojan and Andrew...)
Make sure you look at my profile. It makes me happy to see that people look at it. Also, i spent a good sum of time on those questions! they were *Hard*! And i also ran out of characters in the random question. Apparently you can answer their questions about mud and dirt and clay in LESS than 400 characters. that's INCLUDING spaces. i thought that it was all about EXPRESSION here in the blogosphere! It's actually more about pretending to express yourself, while the people who actually are putting themselves on the frontlines against the flames and trolls are ridiculed. I have been there. Trust me kids, it's not pretty. There are trolls that will destroy you from the inside out, with their wicked fire, and insane mutterings. The rational mind was not MADE to deal with that kind of abuse or lack of any use whatsoever. Sometimes... the only way to kill a troll is to become one yourself. BUT. can you live with what you will become in the battlefields of the Forums?
An elite force of the world's greatest minds are preparing to venture into the largest bastions of the trolls. They have been named according to the domain of the trolls residing there: YTMND, 4CHAN, and the OT. YTMND and 4CHAN are extremely close, and whoever controls one holds heavy sway in the other. the OT is by far the most extensive and worst infected. We no longer need powerful champions. Now we need people. Will you take up the fight? will you carry the light and lead them into the dark and back, my wayward children? Perhaps. But YOU... you were the first to return. the most wayward son.... you are special, different from the rest. it falls to you to keep this a fortress dedicated against stupidity, and morons. Do not fail me in this request...
I must go now... they have found me. I may return. i may not, but remember this, the memes are the greatest idols on the internet. Misuse will result in the loss of their potency. Guard the sacred cats with your sanity. Here, lives mean nothing. Your mind is your greatest weapon. Use it well, keep it well oiled. And make sure you don't feed it after midnight.

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