Friday, October 3, 2008

News from the Frontlines

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, there is no school for me today. I had to go in anyways, and write a physics test. During that hour, multiple teachers walked it, got my attention away from my test, and thinking they were the most clever person in the world, boldly stated: "Umm, you know there is no school today, right?". I laughed very loud and realistically for each one, with a "HA. HA. HA. YOU ARE QUITE FUNNY GOOD SIR/MADAM (select appropriate) SUCH GOOD TASTE/SARCASM IS TRULY A GIFT EH, WOT."
Then i would glare at them and go back to my test. One of them i decided to patronise, and he believed that i had no clue where everyone else was.
So i finished my test, then i came back home, only to find that The Idiots have already infested it. I still have no ideas how to get rid of them, i just kind of ignore them until they leave.
In other news, i have been listening to the Goo Goo Dolls, and Counting Crows all morning. In there, right between two A Fine Frenzy songs was Gorillas. That made me laugh.... Trip Hop and whatever you would put the rest of those into doesn't mix well. It's kind of like peanut butter and Blue Jello. It MIGHT very well go together, but you would have to try a peanut butter and blue jello sandwich to know. I think a better thing would be "making hot chocolate with Coke instead of water...". In other Food related news, i am almost done the last of the penicillin that the dentist gave me last week, and i found pita chips and snap peas in the kitchen! If anyone feels up to a celebration in honour of this momentous event, please feel free. You can come up with your own name for it...
Lime Jello is for sure the best thing in FOREVER. I made some yesterday, and then i had it for elevensies. (Elevensies is the meal that comes between brunch and lunch, at around 11 o clock) I don't actually get to EAT elevensies much anymore, because of history.
You know, it's funny. Now that i actually HAVE a real blog, i can't think of as much random stuff to write down. It's also a little weird because i have no idea whatsoever what is going on in any of my classes, because i missed about a WEEK already. I can't wait until like February, when I'm going to be missing pretty much every second day for track meets. Then there will be lots to write about, such as all of my times that i get. So far i have set one new record this year, in the 5K, with 17:51, at Roseisle. hopefully I'll set a new one for me next week.
You can disregard that picture by the way, i was just fiddling around with the options. Or you can look at it. It's from our trip to Kentucky, when we stopped at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. It was pretty cool. they had all these corvettes (go figure) Then they had a whole bunch of concept Corvettes, which are like Corvettes, but BETTER. It's like if Fred Astaire and MC Hammer had a love-child, and that child danced. And by dancing i mean being amazing. You can LIFT the frame easily! In other car news, I get to play ride monkey for most of tomorrow. You know, it's like where i get up bright and early and ferry my sisters around to various parts of the city. The BEST part is that i get to have my mom in shotgun, freaking out the whole time because i apparently CAN'T DRIVE AT ALL. I should really schedule my road test soon.... Before the snow hopefully.
Yeah, so each time i come back to this, there is another line added between my paragraphs.... It bothers me a lot, so i have to keep deleting them. Hahahaha. I just told my dad that i am writing a love letter. People are so gullible. That's why things like Facebook work, because you can fool several million people with a simple lie, that YOUR way is BETTER. This is why people have wars. BECAUSE THE OTHER PEOPLE ARE STUPID.
In Idiot-related News, Alex, and his band of morons are trying to convince John (Alexander's step dad) that they are entitled to a sleepover at his house. It's especially funny, because he told them that they couldn't, and then he told me to tell them that they couldn't. He'll cave though. They all do. This is another reason that Faxbook can survive, because normal people allow themselves to be swayed by the other "cooler" people. Those people are so cool, they seem to show the signs of Hypothermia, such as decreased brain function. Also, i was playing Halo 3 with Alexander today. We were doing Coop, and then he got kind of far ahead, with a mongoose. So he backed up so that i didn't get pulled over to him without getting the other one first. Funniest Halo thing ever if you have played it once or twice at least. I was about to get on it, and then he splattered me while driving backwards. For those of you who are giving your screens blank, uncomprehending looks, or who just don't understand the gravity of this situation: It is QUITE HARD to splatter someone with a mongoose, because "splattering" involves getting going at a good clip and turning them into a nice smear on the road with your car/hovercraft/motorcycle/plane. The mongoose is hard because it's a little bigger than two Segways taped together, a little smaller than a quad. Backwards is even harder, as you can imagine, because it involves driving a car backwards, with no shoulder checking whatsoever. Then there is the whole accidental part. Speaking of smears.... I was biking to Ultimate in Assiniboine park yesterday, and i got on to wellington crescent. There was FRESH ROADKILL!!!!! Blecgh! Roadkill is bad enough when it's a week old and all grey from other tires running over it. This was still wet and glistening. You could also see that one other car had run over it too, because there was little puddles of gore evenly spaced going away from it. It was the most revolting thing that i have seen in the past little while. For anyone feeling like doing something about it, it's about 100m before the overpass, right after Lanark. It's a squirrel i think, and it was a big fat one.
I've kind of lost my appetite for blogging just now, so i'll stick this up and perhaps write more tomorrow.

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