Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Light.

Well... i decided that i was finished with the old LaToP nonsense. For those of you who just kind of stumbled here randomly, Hi! i doubt i will hurt you physically, but your sanity is better left over there in the corner with the other ones...
This is the new Life and Times of Paul. It's actually a real blog now! anyone can read it! hoorays! Feel free to write down the name and write it anywhere you can, bathroom stalls, urinals, walls, lockers, people's hands or arms, inside a DNE circle on a whiteboard, the desk, anywhere! Just don't do anything questionably legal or creepy. Don't carve it into your forearm or kidnap children and brand them with it. That will force me to take drastic actions against you. You may survive, but it will not be pleasant.
Anyways, a bit about the blogger, Paul. I'm a pretty awesome guy as you may/may not know... I can emotionally scar children from fifty metres, but i don't actually like scarring anyone, in anyway...
I waste most of my time in various forms of the Internet, be it Maple Story, or MSN, or the plethora of web comics i read. Other things that i do include sassing morons, reading, more video games, eating, reading, running, eating, repeating myself, making bad jokes, making distasteful jokes, and video games.
There is kind of a lot of pressure on me right now isn't there? i have to make the first post good, otherwise people will get the wrong impression of me won't they? TOO BAD. NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION. if you would like to share it, then start your own blog. If i cared the slightest what you had to say, i would most likely read your blog.
Jeez. some one's phone is ringing somewhere in my house. It's not the land line, but it's annoying the everliving patience out of me. Like holy crow, who leaves their phone on the LOUDEST, in some one's house? that's horrible... where do they learn that, their parents?! i am going to go find that phone and give whichever sod answers a very strong talking to.
Anyways. I started this blog because it was too time consuming to write all the email addresses in each time i wanted to post a new one. This way i can send one mass email once and then they can look whenever they want! the nice people at blog spot even made a handy dandy nifty difty "follow this blog" link, so that even YOU can follow the blog! go on, try it!
Soo, now for the real beans and wieners of the blog...
Today was the last cross country meet, i got sixth... Kelvin won most of the categories.
So, Helen asked me to go to Kenya with her to build schools for kids... It seems kind of random, but an adventure none the less. I will most likely join her if i can afford it :P it's still really up in the air though, because I'm still waiting on Zellers to call me back. I should probably look a little harder for a job if i want one... I also want one of those handy little laptops.
So, now is the time for Paul to catch up on his homework. Anybody want to make up their own questions for me to ask them in the presentations tomorrow? I still need to do all of that, and then finish off that history assignment. Anybody who doesn't feel like sleeping tonight is welcome to join me in the endless symphony of sadness and toil. Just wait, later in the night I'll think of better words. They will be quite... salubrious.


Helen said...

So I'll be sure to write it EVERYWHERE possible... too bad no one here will know who you are... haha. Sod is one of those under-used terms that should be so much more common. Congrats on the xcountry! You should most definitely come to build schools with me, but you were the one who said Kenya, I said Ecuador. It's about $1000 less expensive, so it's clearly the better way to go. And it's not at all random. For anyone reading this, check out Me to We, and you will understand. What ever happened to the job at Stride Ahead? You really should look harder for a job... :P

Paul said...

haha, oh yeah... but ecuador is where my friend already built a school!
Yeah, Stride Ahead turned out to be more like Strife Ahead. i gave them a resume and after two people said that they'd be glad to hire me, they never called or contacted me ever again :( I am going to go hunting for a job as soon as i have an hour of free time, but that may not be for a while. I am roughly a week behind on homework in everything. I blame my dad personally, he was all "oh you'll get your wisdom teeth out, then you can go back to school in the afternoon!" so i was all excited because i thought i had a free weekend in which to catch up on my homework from the week. So i slacked off a lot before that, and then the surgeon came in and talked for FIFTEEN MINUTES about everything that could go wrong and described to me EXACTLY what i would be hearing and feeling. It was apparently supposed to not scare me, but it didn't. it makes it worse!!!

Anonymous said...

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