Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, now that the madness of the weekend is over I finally have time to perform the proverbial "Hard Reset". All i need is a toothpick. Anyone know where my reset button is?

But actually. There is nothing quite as awesome as waking up in the morning and realising that despite the world's best efforts the previous day, you are still alive. Right now i can feel every single thing that i did to myself since i woke up last time. The day after a big race/tournament/meet is always awesome because you know for pretty much sure that you aren't in the Matrix but you're actually in the real world. You get up and walk to the shower and cringe because your legs and arms and back are all stiff and don't move easily. Or maybe that's just me.

Can't really think of much to say right now. Weird. Let's see....

The ultimate tournament was yesterday and on Saturday. I didn't get to play the first day, because of Shakespeare in the Snow. I got there at 3:30, and i was excited because i was just in time for the last game scheduled for the day. Then i went to the table to see where we were playing. WE HAD A BY. that's the end of my story. In the second day i got to play in all three games, and got two spirit awards. I also got pwnt in the back of the head/hand. BY MY OWN TEAMMATE.
Oh jeeze. I realised that i hadn't posted this just now, when i decided to check up on the ol' blog
Well, here it is i guess. I'll try to get into blogging again, i just kind of stopped when i realised how much stuff i had to do.