Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is Weekend Time!

Hoorays, i made it to the end times! I was actually in class for about 45% of this week, and i am now roughly VERY behind on EVERYTHING. I have to finish a book, do a history summary, a physics test, find some sucka to explain what i missed in physics, then i have to DO the physics assignments. I'm pretty sure that Dr. Mitchler hates me. She's been not very polite with me two days in a row now, and i am pretty sure that when i take MY own time to write HER physics test, she'll be all grumpy at me... Neah!
Anyways, back to the weekend! I'm probably going to be on and off the compy for most of it, so feel free to check in on me and make sure i still know which country i am in, what my name is, and tedious things like that. I will most likely go through ALL of my music for the weekend. As much as i love all music, i still only have a paltry 40 hours or so. Newer songs this week are pretty awesome. "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy, "Blind" by Planet Smashers, "Future Proof" by Massive Attack, and "Let Love In" by the Goo Goo Dolls. That last one isn't actually new for me, i just hadn't heard it in a while and thought "Huh, that's pretty nice... let's go again!". "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles is pretty good too.
So, for those of you who have been into my house before, i moved my massive pillow against a little corner of the Playroom, and then i wedged myself into it. It's awesome now, I piled like thirty stuffed animals of various sizes and species behind it, so now it just covers it, and there is a massive butt-print, because i sat in it for three hours. All you need is one thin blanket, and a book or something to entertain you, and you don't need to get up ever again. You could fall asleep instantly. I left a fleece blanket there, so if you want to read in it, there is always at least one cat sleeping on it. (In case you haven't figured it out, i am most proud of myself :D)
In case you're too lazy to find the old post, I'll point you to it. Start at the top of the screen, then go down like 300 pixels or so, more like 400 though, depending on your screen res. Then you'll see a little calendar, click on the "First Light" post, to see the very first post EVER!!!! Wasn't that easy? No? Oh well then. I guess it's too late for you. You can also see what other people think of my mad ravings, and write your own drivel on the interweb too! hoorays! Virtual high fives all around! Except for YOU! BA HA HA HA! i control the virtual high fives around here! AND the cake also! HEEHAW! Guess what you can do about it? NOT MUCH! (that was originally ha ha ha, but with no spaces, and the spell checker didn't like it.)
Aw. I just realised that i alphabetised my favourite songs this week without even thinking about it... Something is terribly wrong with me.... BUT, no worries, i bet YOU wish you were as screwed up as i am! you only DREAM about being this messed! then of course you wake up in a cold sweat and reassure yourself it's only a dream.
Anyways. I have decided that it may be time for me to start a new blag soon. Yes i know, another one. But i don't really want ALL my thoughts muddled together. The other blog would most likely be told like a story, from some severely kick ass future, where i have a katana, and Facebook has taken over the world and i am the sole rebel. If you want, you can come and join my band of misanthropic bad asses, but you have to bring your own crazy awesome weapon. Maybe a sword like Cervantes has in SC4, with a GUN on the end. yeah... a sword with a gun on it.... or maybe you could have like a shuriken, but in some crazy cool shape. Whatever you want though, it's up to you if you want to fight the machine.
You know, i used to be proud if i wrote 500 words in one sitting? i also used to not be able to touch type, but i can now. I also write at least a thousand words in one sitting, on a slow day. Now that i have a blog though, it's going to shoot straight up like a satellite at escape velocity from Jupiter. I also used to not use apostrophes, grammar, syntax, or basic spell checking.
Now that i am all grown up and mature (relatively) I can just kind of let my mind off it's leash, and leave it here for someone else to come and pick up its crap. You should try, you'd be amazed at how many other people do the same, but they seem to lose their minds and just find the trail of crap and fling it at you. Youtube is where such minds collaborate in a massive crap-fest, which involves seeing who can shovel the most into a shotgun barrel and just blast it over everything


vaderhader said...

Thanks for posting this in a blog format rather than an email.

Paul said...

Tsk. The Email version brought a certain personality to it. I pride myself on having a certain degree of class.
The Email also brought light and laughter to people's lives! Now i am no longer in control of who gets to receive my sweet-awesome advice and stories!

Anonymous said...

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