Saturday, October 11, 2008


It seems that has come to their senses, and decided that i am, in fact, a person again. This calls for a celebration! I think i am going to go get a job. That seems like a reasonable way to commemorate this event.
I got 26th in Provincials on Thursday. It was awesome. The only bad part was that i COULD have gotten better, but my shoe came untied, and i had to stop and tie it >_< I took a time lapse of the prairie as we drove back. This is like half an hour of driving. There WAS another fifteen minutes before that, but the camera was moving around too much then, so i just deleted it. Then after that i went straight to Ultimate, where we were playing Elmwood. We won 12-10, and it was a really good game. Elmwood is about the same skill as us, so whenever we play it's a good match. It used to be like that for Gordon Bell, but they don't have a team anymore. Then i went and drove around Lindenwoods. For those of you who do not know the horror of Lindenwoods: It's actually a maze. None of the streets go straight for more than 100 metres, and they intersect with themselves, or with the same street twice. Funny story, I was driving (no that's not the funny part. Jerks.) and i was going like 20 so i could see the numbers, because Lindenwoodsians have a problem with light, and there was three cars behind me, doing what i was doing. Then we realised we had passed the house, so we all turned around in the SAME driveway, and like ten people joined the party. Carpools only work when at least one person knows what they are doing.
I am also obligated to mention Aidan in the blog, because he is deserving of a blatant personal attack... NOBODY ELSE is missing that many brain cells, and they would all think it's a bad idea to hurl your shoulder into someone's face. If you see Aidan, feel free to call him a nasty name. @Aidan: YOU ARE A MORON.
Anyone know lots about hips? Since Thursday, mine clicks. It's kind of worrying me... It's also only the right one.
Counting Crows is a pretty good band.... So is Blaqk Audio.
Alright, i'm just grasping here, because the video is taking a while to upload.
Perhaps some random funny things i heard recently. "Trust me, I won't spill that much. Just hand me the gasoline, I do this ALL THE TIME." "I swear to God, Paul... You set me on fire ONE MORE TIME..." "Ohhh!! If we light this on fire, WE CAN COOK THE SAUSAGE!!!" "This Tic-Tac, Andrew's drink...." "AIIIEE! DIE FACEBOOK!"
I had the most enlightening epiphany today, while i was running. I was trying to remember EXACTLY who "Janel" was, because she didn't email me for a month, and i had nothing good to write back, because conversations don't keep for a month. Then i looked at the clouds and thought "Wow those are some exquisite clouds. I wish i could draw those or something. Then, all of a sudden i was like "HOLY CROW! JANEL CAN DRAW!".
I decided that i didn't really want to post that video that badly anyways. I'll probably put it on Youtube later. Maybe.
i finally wore my sweater that has the thumb holes. I never realised how skeletal my fingers are until i saw them under twilight, without the hand part of them. My fingers look even bonier than zombie fingers, like straight up skeletons.
I played around with the settings for the blog a bit too, so now people don't have to make an account to comment on it. Hoorays! On the same note, You lazy bums! it's not that hard! Kids these days. No respect for the old ways. It also feels just that much nicer, because there is that many more things that i can screw around with


coopertoons said...

ass hole that was my joke

Paul said...

That's the point. If you can read basic ENGLISH. it says "Funny things i heard recently" implying that they weren't things i said

Paul said...

Due to incessant whining, Credit for the Funny things i heard is as follows:
Hopefully this settles any rampant bitchery, but if it continues, then i guess that i'll just start copyrighting every single thing i say in case people might accidentally say THE SAME THING.

Anonymous said...

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