Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy Day

Haha, i just kind of realised that ME commenting on my own blog only works if people actually read it, and feel obligated to get involved in it. Otherwise it's just someone stumbling across a true gem of literarianism, amidst the mindless drivel of the blogosphere, and then after they have left thinking "hmm, that was kind of nice..." i yell something well thought out and intelligent after them...

Did i mention how awesome Rhapsody is? yes? oh well. It's like if you took Dragonforce, and added violin parts to it. VIOLIN parts, in METAL. it's exactly like you would imagine the soundtrack to your life would be, if you lived in Azeroth, or Hyrule, or somewhere similar. Not so much the Underdark though, that would be different. The singer is really good too. I guess not everyone has as fertile an imagination as i do though. It's like this. Think Lord of the Rings, but with more dragons and magic. more like Final Fantasy i guess.

That's pretty much all i have for now, i'll perhaps write more after school. It's raining, and there is cross country today :D Rainy and Running go together like White Hot Chocolate, and Key Lime Pie. VERY WELL.
So, I still have to get my head around the fact that if i take more than a day to write an entry half of the things become irrelevant. I keep all the stuff in though, it adds a distinct nutty flavour to my works.
Cross country yesterday was fun. My shoes still aren't totally dry. There was THREE INCHES of water in some parts, and like twice that in one part. I biked through all that today on the way to ultimate. Then i biked back on the road so i didn't spray myself with mud again. Speed Skating started several short slices of ...succulent... time ago (i realise that "of time ago" doesn't start with "s", but if i wrote "sof stime sago" i would have had to commit honour suicide.) I didn't like being in the advanced ice as much, because they've all been skating together for longer than i have skated total, and they've been on ice this season for six weeks already. I'm not as fast as them, and there is nobody to talk to :(. But i guess that it's the coaches decision. He told me not to worry too much, because there are a bunch of people who weren't there yet, and he's going to move more people up.
Apparently somebody thinks that i am a spambot. They locked my blog and are making me write word verifications for everything. That means that i'll most likely forget to save it, and then i'll close it and realise that i didn't save and cry. The thing said that spambots are characterised by lots of posts really fast, generally with nonsense writings in them, and links everywhere. This is FACEBOOK's fault... They're on to me. I've got to get to a safe house. and i also need a laptop case with a hand cuff on the handle so i can hand cuff it to myself, and also have one of those ear pieces with the little coily cord going down the back of my tux.
I'll stick this up for now. Make sure that you find some links on the page, and tell The Machines that i am not a spambot. Honestly. And leave your comments, i'm feeling a little unloved. More stuff to follow, but i am EXHAUSTED right now. I'm so exhausted, if i were a pipe, you'd have to find a muffler for me. a fancy chrome muffler, because those are awesome.
I have to tell you, this whole me being a spambot quickly lost it's novelty. It's actually really annoying and tedious. I do find it most vexing, and trying on my nerves, who are my best friends... Seriously though, if you can find any violations of the terms of service here, then please tell me about it, so that i can take it away or edit it. I miss my auto-saves :(.
Just got back from Pride and Prejudice. It was pretty good. I missed the first couple minutes of it though, because some random jerk decided that i was in his spot on the bus so he picked a fight with me and then got us both kicked off. This was at like bannatyne, so it was probably faster that i ran down to main and then to MTC instead of following the bus route. Jerk guy just laughed at me and wandered off too, he didn't even CARE about the spot.
Latest Idiots News. I got back from the play at like 4:00, and i immediately noticed that there was 4 too many kids in my house, and they were carrying powerful cleaning sprays, and screaming. The air also smelled like people had been playing with bug spray and Lysol, but that's probably just me. Then there was a small noisy war centered on the fact that they had gotten the dog to puke and were wiping it on each other. This is pretty much the only time i felt sorry for the dog, ever. Then i went to get a snack, and one of THEM had eaten like half of the sausage rolls. You'd think i'd be desensitized to this by now or something, but it's still bad as ever. It's about as bothersome as having ants running all over you, while listening to the Conservative Party of Canada speaking to you, and then sniffing sharpies and lighter fluid. (Just kidding about the CPC remark, you guys are kind of okay i guess.) The only redeeming part about them is that one of them is politically cognisant, and so i get into intriguing discussions about stuff with him. As much as people talk about Sarah Palin, it's hard to find any weirder discussions about her.
It's sad that people don't email me anymore. in the last month, i have gotten more emails from my MATH TEACHER than from spam, and friends, and useful junk mail combined. This is a sign that something is seriously wrong. Very. Wrong.

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