Thursday, February 24, 2011



You all probably thought i fell off a bridge into lava and was promptly set upon by the lava piranha eels or something. WELL THAT ONLY HAPPENED ONCE. AND I’M MUCH BETTER AND WISER NOW.

It’s reading week, which means i have slightly less time to myself than i normally do. (That’s a lie. I have time to myself all day erryday. I just don’t use it prudently.) Lots of super exciting and fun stuff has happened since i last posted, which is to be expected in a month and a half :P. First, as i already mentioned, it’s reading week! The only bad part is i got a shiny new assignment in all of my classes which i promptly threw into the corner while i played video games for 2 3 days. During that time, there was a grand fishing tourney in WoW. We caught like a zillion fish, and i ALMOST WON. but i had to leave right at the end to get a certain brother of mine from work, so i got second :/

Another fun thing that is happening is the CS Games, it’s this big competition based around computer science, it’s in Montreal this year. When i say “big” I actually mean “HUGENORMUNGANTIC”. There’s going to be people from big companies like Google and Microsoft there! We shot a video this week to introduce our team. It’s funny, all the nerds are like “we’re going to act gangster, and it’ll be so cool!” and then none of us actually know how. It’s sad, we stood there awkwardly wondering what actual gangstas look like.


Anonymous said...

hey, finally, an update~~!!

Wish u update more often~!

Glad to know that you're living an awesome life~!

Miss u in blogsphere though~!

guitargirl said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't afraid to admit to being attacked by lava eels!

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Denature said...

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