Sunday, January 25, 2009

This Post needs no introduction...

Head Trip - Twilight Sucks by ~shinga on deviantART
I finded a funneh!
Julia gives this a thumbs up, so you know it's alright.
The only problem with it is that it's too small, so you can just head to deviant art and look at the full size there.

Now, let's do some old-school LaToP things. I like the song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette. You should listen to it once.

Paul Awards!

The Annoying Fail award goes to "who" for using my cbox for disseminating Jesus. The only one who gets to spread Jesus' word is the people who actually have a reason for me wanting to accept Jesus! Jesus is a pretty okay guy in my book, but i really don't think that the internet is any place for spreading your religion. Most people hate it when jehova's witnesses come to their door and ask them about Jesus, because if they wanted to go hang out with Jesus, They. Would. Go. To. Church.

The Lolcat of Excellence goes to Soul Skittles, because she's the only one who did something related to Lolcats recently. Funny story... I woke up yesterday, and the first thing i actually thought was :O It's CATURDAY!!!! :D!! Also, monorail cat is for sure the best Lolcat ever. Next to Hoverkitten.

Who would win in a 100mile race, Monorail Cat or Hover Cat???

The Golden Keyboard goes to Helen, for having almost four full text files of MSN history... I think someday i'll take it out of the .xml format that it saves in, and actually just put it in a straight text file. Eventually.

N00B award goes to Andy, because she's n00.

Someone click the Google Ads buttons. I'm really not supposed to tell you that, because it's against the rules, but i want to see what they have, and i'm not allowed to click them either.


K o w a o m o t e said...

I'm still shining my award that I got.
Yep, still on my shelf next to my Beatles bubblegum wrapper.

When a Jehovah's witness comes to knock on my door, I run and hide. Kind of sucks though when you're hungry because they tend to stick around at the door for about 15 minutes.
I heard they were really nice people though.

Twilight sucks.
I didn't know that a lot of other people hated it as well.
I saw some girl say it on youtube. It was pretty cool.

Paul said...

yes. Once, i had nothing to do, so i invited them in, and kept them for three hours. Just because. Then at the end, i showed them my baptism stuff, and the cross i got from Confirmation. They weren't very nice after that.
Say what? twilight sucks??? Wouldn't that start an epic flamewar, of the most pitiful and immature proportions?

guitargirl said...

ROTFLOL! You two are funny ;) I'm Baptist, but I have family that is Jehovah's Witness; so they're always sending their little friends around. It's obnoxious.
I think I pretty much agree with you there Paul. It's not like anyone's life is going to change just because you leave anonymous messages on someone's shoutbox ;) I sometimes post C.S. Lewis or Bible verses or whatever on my blog, simply because it's a big part of my life and I find it interesting, but if people don't want to read them it's not like I'm gonna force them...or come to their house and beat them over the head with a copy of the watchtower ;) LOL!
Huh-huh. Caturday. Funny twist of words ;)
I haven't seen Twilight...Not interested in it...looks dumb...

Anonymous said...

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