Friday, January 9, 2009

Epic busy

So, if you're blogging, and then you press after writing the title, it posts automatically. Funny huh?
My schedule just changed, and it changed startlingly perfectly. Now, i am occupied every evening at around 5:30-8, and i don't really have to rush anywhere. Except now i have no time to study D: Also, people decide to throw wrenches into my perfectly working system by having birthdays, or people who i need to talk to not going online at a good time etc. Really, this occupied life seems to have ALMOST NO repercussions on my sanity. Almost. heh heh heh....
BUT, wrenches and all, it seems to be not falling apart, and i really don't have too much to do right now. i really should be working on french, but something keeps telling me "ahh, who cares! it was due like two weeks ago anyways! :P
Also, we finish our Provincial Exams today, in like two hours. I'm pretty set for this, because i just answered all the questions yesterday. Now all i have to do is write my generic inspiration story out nicely, so that my teacher can actually read it. then i get to run screaming from the room. Except i'll probably be skipping instead of running. And laughing hysterically. You get the point.... I'm NOT crazy. but noo. they all think i am crazy, hahahahahaha. That is a sham, a "ploy" if you will. soon they will see just what i am thinking of, but then it will be too late HAH! now, i must leave. Candyland awaits.


guitargirl said...

I don't think you're crazy. *Bangs head against wall* *Drools on self* *Tears hair out of head*
Well, the audacity of people; having birthdays and such! :P

Paul said...

I KNOW right?... When it's MY birthday, everyone goes off and does what they please for most of the day. I have a funny story about my last birthday.... Everyone was too busy studying for exams, and so, i didn't get to hang out with friends. THEN my brother had three of his friends over, who just didn't leave. Summary, i celebrated my birthday with three of my least favourite people in the world

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