Friday, January 23, 2009

Self-Adhesive Permanent

For lack of something better to blog about, there is a terrible mess around the compy. you should see it! if i could find my camera, i'd take a picture of it. And i'd probably have to find a memory card too... I'll describe it to you instead, it'll be just like seeing it!

Okay, so... on the actual desk, there is a pad of graph paper, a history textbook, a book about Nova Scotia, Speakers, assorted memory cards and pens and one pencil. There is a big stack of CD's at the very back of the desk, with instruction manuals mixed in :P. In front of that, there is a box of White Reinforcements. Then there is the mic that got glued into the middle of the desk, so you can't write comfortably on it anymore if you're a lefty. WHICH I AM>_<

The chair is a red computer type chair, but the padding is all squished down, because i sit in the same position too much :P if you look at it, first you see it's covered in cat hair, and then you can see that the butt print is funny shaped, because i tuck one leg in, and lean sideways on the back of the chair.

THEN beside the desk is this small table-esque thing, which is holding the printer, and a scratched up CD i found in a parking lot, and now use as a coaster. It also has paper underneath it. Lots of paper, every kind that you could possibly want; hi gloss, looseleaf, construction, dot matrix printer paper, some really nice printer paper, and some kind of okay stuff too. It's also got all the extra graph paper :P

BESIDES THAT, there is the other computer desk, which doesn't have a compy on it. It's just got some papers on it, scattered about in a haphazard fashion.

BEHIND me, is my guitar stand, with guitar attached, and then another rolly chair, and a folding chair that is really more comfortable than the other two. There is also the fuzzy pink batman blanket which i use when it's -40 and i feel the urge to use the compy. Behind all those is the treadmill, and a lamp.

BEHIND THAT is the heater, which is broken :(. There's also plants galore everywhere, they take up easily half of the room :O Then, there is an actual circle of papers scattered around the floor. There must be at least 500 loose sheets here, plus several booklets. Then there are USB cables scattered, and library books too. This must be how it looks when a bomb goes off, because there is a radius around the chair where i don't put papers, because i don't really feel like bending down that much.

That's pretty much my compy room, i'd like to write something else, but there is a cat on the keyboard, so it's getting hard to type.

Peas out.
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guitargirl said...

*Laughs at funny butt-shape comment* ;) Interesting...

Paul said...

You'd be one of the first. All the others tell me to just go buy a new chair, or at least new foam for the chair. But it's not the same!

guitargirl said...

Of course it's not! You've just finally gotten that chair "Broken in" ;)

Paul said...

haha, yes!

andy anderson said...

hahaha I have an odd shaped mark on my chair too
we've had it for at least 6 years.
my mothers constantly telling me to throw it out, but its awsome.
its missing an arm because it was broken and just hanging there, till one day i had a band over and we were recording, and the vocalist ripped it off by accident and hid it under the desk, the fabrics ripped open, and theres a big cut in the foam and theres writing on whats left of the other arm :D

you sound very busy D:

Anonymous said...

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