Wednesday, January 21, 2009


You'll have to click it to make it bigger. It's a map of the Internet though!
Kinda makes you feel microscopic doesn't it?
I found the picture on the Internet Proper (which is what i call the searchable internet) and then i added the "You are here." It REALLY AND TOTALLY HELPS YOU FIND YOUR WAY.
Just think of the end of each line as a compy somewhere connected to the internet, All you need to do is find the right path!


guitargirl said...

Ow! My head! That's one heck of a map! :-O

K o w a o m o t e said...

It cool, but it also hurts my head.
It's a pretty neat looking web, though!
Some parts of the web looks like of like dandelion seeds.

K o w a o m o t e said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K o w a o m o t e said...

My comment posted twice, so I deleted one.
Just in case you where curious why it was deleted.

Paul said...

I was curious as a matter of fact. I was just about to take my map and explore the internet in search of the deleted comment...

guitargirl said...

*Looks at Flyleaf picture* Hehe. I guess she does look kind of weird in that one ;)
What link did you mean? Or were you talking about the ones NetsirK commented?
LOL! Have fun looking for the comment :P

maicher said...


Anonymous said...

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