Friday, January 2, 2009


I've come to an astonishing discovery. Everyone who wrote they are from "Winterpeg" (it's a pun on "Winnipeg, and it's #*&$ing cold here") ALSO wrote "Manisnowba" as the province. As in "Manitoba, and it's #*&$ing cold here". BUT, not everyone who wrote Manisnowba also wrote Winterpeg. One person wrote "Windypeg" as in "Winnipeg, and it's apparently #&*$ing windy here" I can't really attest to that, it's more cold than anything. You don't notice the wind as much, because your skin freezes if you are foolish enough to leave it exposed, and you can't really notice anything on it anymore. if you notice it's windy, that means that your wearing A) not enough layers, or B) no windproof layer. Windproof layers are all you really need, because the air doesn't go the other way either. If you have that, and at least SOME insulation underneath, and you don't stand around like a foolish n00b, then you should be fine. Everyone is always like "aren't you cold Paul? you're wearing that stylish wind-proof thingy that you are wearing, and then like a couple T-shirts underneath." and I'm all "lol wut." and then they're like LOL. and then everyone mutually agrees that there has been enough silliness and it is time to go inside. I really wouldn't have said no to trying to have tea/coffee/hot drinks of life outside in the cold.
Also, in my travels around the tubes, i have come across several blogs of note. I found my friend's blog, which is from beyond the dawn of high school for me, and is now a "dead blog". I termed this after finding a bunch of blogs that are in perfect order, just the character that maintained them is lost within the person, or dead. They float around the Internet, decrepit, like in a space movie, where the characters find an old spaceship where everyone on it died, and there are remnants of what happened. I also found some blogs that are much like mine, being the blogs who are operated by someone who writes in English, and doesn't take pictures of everything, isn't trying to make you believe in their own god, and just really wants to have some creative outlet to spew nonsense/sense into the Internets. You should try clicking that "Next Blog" button at the top sometimes, you find sweet blogs. Then you're all 'Aw sweet!' and you say hi, and the person is like HOLY CROW! i didn't know there were other people here!' Which is always nice. For the first while, i always thought that i was alone in my own universe on the Internet, like a massive bombed out post-apocalyptic city that i could explore, and occasionally fight the zombies in. Now i get the feeling like there are more people like me, looking, and wondering the same thing: "Is anyone out there?" What lots of people don't realise is that they aren't looking for SOMEONE, but someone else who is looking.
I'm also amazed by the sheer lack of hilarity and randoms in the blogs also. Most people seem to really have a lot of crappy poetry to fire into the stratosphere. By stratosphere, i of course mean Blogosphere. Everyone wants to tell stories about their kids too. Albeit there ARE some funny pictures, like this one of a kid who sat in a dog's water dish, there is a saddening lack of captions on these. I say we take up the fight and add pictures of cats being funny, with hysterical captions and idiosyncratic grammar. LET'S DO THIS!

If you can find two spelling errors, that AREN'T "lol" "wut" or having to do with Winnipeg, Manitoba, then you get 100 bloggy points, because you read it pretty thoroughly,