Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fired, like a sattelite. Screaming into the sun.

There aren't really single words that can describe someone telling you that you are fired. It's a mixture of the worst feelings in the world. You're mad at them, because you have to go through the whole looking for a new job/starting a new job nightmare again, but you have to kind of understand them because you've hung out with them for the past however-long-you've-had-a-job-with-them. Also, you're confused, and afraid. I was fired, officially today, if you didn't gather. Also, you want to make a good final impression, so you get a sweet reference for your other job.
The exact blend of emotions is like taking every Lolcat in existance, and mixing them together, then taking the opposite. And adding more dread.


K o w a o m o t e said...

Aw man that must stink. :(
I know that you have to leave a good impression. I remember the News doing a little report on that.
Some people thought that being fired was a good opportunity to wreck everything at the workplace.

I hope you find a good job soon, by the way.

OH, My inner Captain Obvious is telling me:
"LOL" backwards is "LOL"

guitargirl said...

I'm sorry yer got fired :( I like your post title though ;)

Let's see: Yeah, the drumset thingie is cool :-D The music is nifty too. I've heard them being compared to U2 before (They're not a gay boy band like backstreet boys or anything. LOL! ;))

OmiGosh! I love No Pool Party Tonight! That's gotta win some award for being the catchiest song ever! I has the video up on my blog someplace...and some of the Huntingtons songs are on my playlist too.

Happy year! :-D

Paul said...

NOOOooo, being fired is the worst time to do a bad job.
But i showed those jerks anyways. I'm pretty sure there was nobody in the store for the last two hours of my shift. I stole 16 cents and three pens. And i ripped a plastic bag up into shreds, making a terrible pig-mess in the process. But then i left one of the pens there because i knew whose it was. And i cleaned up my mess before anyone saw.

Paul said...

Oh, and by the backwards lolcats, i meant that you take the happiness and fun they bring, and the opposite of THAT

guitargirl said...

Haha. Sounds like you really showed them ;) The company will probably go out of business because of that 16 cents. I think my dad steals more in bottles of shampoo and soap when he visits a motel. HAHA! I hope you can find a new job soon. *Hugs*

Paul said...

thanks. :) Apparently the rest of the mall is hiring, EXCEPT for the store where i worked, so i can just go look there for more work.

K o w a o m o t e said...

About the lolcats...
I know what you meant, don't worry.


Paul said...

Well, you can never be too sure. Especially not on the internets.

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