Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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What if the Pope played WoW? That would be sweet. He'd for sure be a pali, and try and be like a "real" pali would, and defend "teh w34k n00bs", instead of bubbling and running away like a fool. What if he went in a BG, and got pwned? That would be quite something to see.
Although, the current Pope doesn't seem like so much of a WoW type guy. You know who i COULD see playing WoW?? Stephane Dion.
I don't even have to explain myself! (except to those of you who aren't Canadian >_<)
okay, well. He's pretty white, and skinny, and he has glasses, and seems really softspoken, and all the other MP's pick on him a lot. I wonder if he got treated that way in school...
Now, i should get back to getting back to thinking about doing my exam stuff for tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to go in, at ~1:50, and ask if i could just do my exam twenty minutes early. THEN. I am going to go back home, eat more food, then i'll wait for Aidan to go on MSN, and bother me. THEN i will make my way to Roger's Video, and rent Left 4 Dead, and much zombie killing fun shall be had by all. Especially me. And many funny things shall be said. like "GET TO THA CHOPPA!!!!"
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In other news, i forget where i heard this, but the headline was something like "Kid bankrupts Make-a-wish foundation with wish for unlimited wishes."
OH RIGHT. Here it is.

Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation With Wish For Unlimited Wishes


K o w a o m o t e said...

I don't live in Canada :(
But it's not far away from me.

Wow, Dion does sound like a guy that plays WoW. He probably uses a cheat book (I saw them sell that at a bookstore yesterday). And he might speak in "L33T SP34K" to a point that most people probably couldn't decipher.

'Gotta loves those Arnold quotes.

I would say "Good luck on your exam", but it's too late-
So I hope you did well on your exam!!

WHOA! Poor 'Make a Wish Foundation'! o_o
Chad looks unstoppable... Even though he's only eight years old.

K o w a o m o t e said...

I just found out that the Bankrupt thing was fake.
It really got me going there, though.

Paul said...

Ahahahahahaha! These are by far, the two best comments i've seen in a while. Not counting the 4chan ones that are like three pages long and attack peoples religion with several half baked ideas, and use other religions as ammo.

Anonymous said...

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